The Best Method for Building Your Own Solar Panels?

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The Best Method for Building Your Own Solar Panels?

The Best Method for Building Your Own Solar Panels?

Why does it seem like energy prices are always one of our biggest expenses? Think about all of your costs for energy. You have electricity to power the lights, appliances, heating, cooling, and to charge all of our small electronics. Then you add in the cost to heat water for showers, the dishwasher, and washing your clothes. We are still not done. You have the expenses of fuel for transportation and many other small items. By the time you add it all up, it becomes one of your top household expenses on a monthly basis. It does not need to be that way. Earth4Energy has plans that can put you in control.

What does Earth4Energy recommend? They suggest eliminating as many energy expenses as possible using green energy methods. You have probably seen advertisements for producing heat and electricity using solar panels. You may have even asked for pricing. When you saw the estimates starting at over $10,000, you ran the other way. Earth4Energy does not sell solar panels. They provide you with the education and resources to build your own solar energy solutions at a fraction of those costs. Some of their plans cost under $200 to build and can be even less if you use items lying around in your garage or workshop.

Imagine, you can reduce your energy costs dramatically by using a few tools, your own building skills, and the plans from Earth4Energy. Building solar panels to heat water, provide heat to your home, and electric generation, can almost eliminate your electric bill completely. Sit down and do a little figuring. If you can buy the plans for under $50 and only spend $200 on materials to cut your energy bill in half, would it be a good deal?

You know it would be a great deal. You would save more money that you invested to build your solar panel in just a couple of months. By adding one or two more solar panels you could wipe out an even bigger portion of your electric and gas bills. Instead of sending the utility company hundreds of dollars per month, you get to keep it.

Here is another interesting benefit. Your friends and family are going to notice those solar panels at your home. When they hear how much money you are saving they will be jealous. That leads to an intriguing opportunity. You could build solar panels for them and make a good profit. They have been hearing those same prices of $10,000 to $20,000. What are they going to say when you mention you can build their solar panels for less than one tenth of that price? You would still make a great profit for a little bit of your time. Do not overlook one other powerful benefit, too. Solar power is earth friendly. You are reducing your negative effect on the environment by using a renewable energy source.

Earth4Energy does not limit you to using solar power, either. They provide written and video tutorials and plans for building solar panels, wind turbines, and other natural energy production methods. Are you ready to stop sending your money to the utility companies and keeping it in your own pocket? The plans from Earth4Energy can help you do it.

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