Is Baking Soda Crucial for Living Green?

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Is Baking Soda Crucial for Living Green?

Is Baking Soda Crucial for Living Green?

Have you made the decision to have a Green Household? You can find harsh chemicals and pollutants in alarming amounts in most households worldwide. Alarmingly, residents of these homes wash those chemicals down their drains, into storm sewers, and toss them in the grass. The chemicals seep into our waterways killing plants and animals along the way. One of the simplest ways for you to join the green movement and reduce your contribution to pollution is to start using more baking soda.

Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is a miraculous natural compound. Baking soda is an impressive cleaning agent with a wide variety of uses. You can use sodium bicarbonate for scrubbing pots and pans to remove stubborn dirt and grease. It is an effective cleaner for bathtubs, tile floors, stainless steel sinks, and the concrete floor in your garage.

Baking soda is a good personal cleanser, too. It makes very effective toothpaste cleaning your teeth thoroughly and removing odors from your mouth. You can mix baking soda with water to make a high quality shampoo to wash your hair.

An incredible benefit of using baking soda is its ability to remove odors. Think about all of the areas in your home that have terrible smells. Your bathroom toilet and shower can become pungent. Your refrigerator becomes appalling when food spoils inside. Trashcans develop smells that can curl your toes, especially on hot summer days. Sodium bicarbonates ability to absorb smells makes it a top choice for cleaning these odorous items. You can mix baking soda with water to make an effective cleaning fluid to use with a rag or sponge. For stubborn areas, you can mix baking soda with less water to make a slightly abrasive paste.

Keep in mind, with baking soda’s amazing ability to soak up odors, you can add a small container of sodium bicarbonate powder to your refrigerator, in the corner of your bathroom, or hidden at the bottom of your clothes hamper to reduce smells released into the home. This reduces the need for using perfumed aerosol sprays and other air fresheners that contribute to pollution.

Sodium bicarbonate has another important role in your home. It contributes to better health. We mentioned using baking soda as toothpaste. Did you know, it is an effective tooth whitener and kills bacteria at the same time? Do you suffer from bouts with heartburn and indigestion? Baking soda is an effective antacid to help eliminate pain quickly. This same antacid effect plays another role in keeping your body healthy. Sodium bicarbonate can assist you in maintaining an optimal pH balance.

Think about the amazing benefits of using more baking soda to create a greener home. You reduce pollutants and chemicals in your home, water, and yard. You can use sodium bicarbonate to eliminate odors to make your home more pleasant. Finally, you can use baking soda to improve your health by killing bacteria in your mouth, reducing heartburn, and maintaining a healthy pH.  What other inexpensive compound can claim this many benefits?  Baking soda is a real miracle for green living.

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